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Posted on: September 28, 2010 8:11 pm

NBA Player I'm Cheering Hardest For in 2010-2011

So NBA training camps are starting up again and we have the usual (recently) favorites in Orlando, Boston, LA. We have a team from the 90s making a resurgence in Chicago. And we have the interior defenseless, Miami Heat and their trio of egos, I mean stars. But out there, somewhere in Cleveland, is a little 6'2-6'3 guard with a chip on his shoulder. He's gone from 6th man to Robin to playoff dud and now he's in the role of "star" for depleted Cleveland Cavaliers. His name, is "Maurice" Mo Williams.

That's right, the player I'm rooting for most to have a breakout season and to really shine this year and do some damage is my main man, Mo. I know that I've spent the better part of two years calling him out, making fun of him at any chance, calling him the worst player in the league, the spawn of satan, and basically every other negative word or combination of words possible. Well, my attitude towards Mo has changed. And let me break it down for you.

At first I thought my hatred for Lebron and the Cavs was because of Mo. His ego even though he hadn't proven anything, his stupid sunglasses during interviews, his guarantee of victory against Orlando, calling himself better than Jameer Nelson, the list goes on and on. But this off-season, I realized, "I don't hate Mo". It's actually Lebron that made me hate Mo. 

Mo is what he is. He's a very good 3 point shooter who is great for the first 46 minutes of a regular season game and the first 5 minutes of either half in a playoff game. Other than that, he's one of the most useless players on the court because he likes to choke and plays little to no defense. However, the dude made me a fan this off-season in his crusade against Lebron. His calling out of the world's largest douche bag, his confrontation in the airport. Mo, for the first time in his life, had a point and made sense. 

The truth is, the passed few years, Mo has been a 15-18 ppg player who can give you 3-6 asssits per night, spread the floor with his shot, and not make retarded plays with the ball. He was actually a decent sidekick to Lebron, but he should've been the batgirl while a Carlos Boozer (sucks to suck Cleveland) or an Amar'e Stoudemire (it's OK, Hickson was vital in your playoff success) or a David Lee would've been a better Robin. Mo is a great number 3, an ok number 2, and a "?" as a number 1.

But I have high hopes for Mo this year. I hope he can step up and be a 20 point, 7 assist player. I hope he can sneak Cleveland in and then upset Miami. In fact, I hope in the game 6 to win, he hits a buzzer beating try over Lebron's outstretched ringless finger. That's my dream.

So here's to you Mo Williams. My hate towards you was misguided. You were never the problem in Cleveland. It was the 6'8 steroid driven primadona who made you his lapdog than ran away like the ego maniac he is. Go get em, Mo. Make Cleveland proud.
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