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Posted on: July 21, 2009 1:57 pm

How to win your fantasy football league

Ok, listen, ESPN, Athlon Sports, CBS, Fox, ABC, w/e. All of them say the SAME thing! Draft running backs. Well, ok, I guess if you have a top 3 pick, they're the most sure things. But, what if you're a later pick? say 8-12? Chances are, the first 6 picks were RB and the next two were Peyton Manning and Andre Johnson. What are you to do? Well, I'm about to explain, but first take a look at my fantasy teams from the past two years. After the first draft.

2007: Creme De La Creme (league champion)
QB: Tom Brady: 50 TDs, 8 INTs, 4,806 YDs <---> RB: Cadillac Williams: 208 YDs, 3 TDs <---> RB: Ahman Green: 260 YDs, 2 TDs <---> WR:Chad OchoCinco: 1440 YDs, 8 TDs <---> WR:Randy Moss: 1493 YDs, 23 TDs <---> WR: Wes Welker: 1175 YDs, 8 TDs <---> TE:Heath Miller: 566 YDs, 7 TDs <---> D/ST: Buccaneers: YPG: 2nd, Sacks: 5th, PPG: 3rd <---> K:Stephen Gostkowski: 21 FGs, 74 EXPs
  • So, as you can see, this team was built around the pass. It also includes my starting QBs main weapon. Keep that in mind as we go along. You may also notice that neither of my running backs finished the year. Keep that in mind as well. 
Ok, let's move on to last years team
  • Alicia Sacramone (league runner up)
QB:Tony Romo: 26 TDs, 14 INTs, 3448 YDs <---> RB: Earnest Graham: 563 YDs, 4 TDs <---> RB: Laurence Maroney <---> WR:Steve Smith: 1421 YDs, 6 TDs <---> WR: Terrell Owens: 1052 YDs, 10 YDs <---> WR: Anquan Boldin: 1038 YDs, 11 TDs <---> TE:Alex Smith: 250 YDs, 3 TDs <---> D/ST: Buccaneers: YPG: 9th, Sacks: 20th, PPG: 10th <---> K:Nick Folk: 20 FGs, 42 EXPs.
  • Ok, so on to this team. What you'll notice is a solid QB, a great WR core, the kicker of my QB again, and running backs that got hurt during the year.
  • Now onto both teams. Both have a top 5 fantasy QB with that guys number 1 option. Brady/Moss, Romo/TO. You'll also see that both teams have superstar WRs as the 2/3 guys too. Welker/OchoCinco, Boldin/Smith. Neither team has a super running back. Why is that? BECAUSE RUNNING BACKS TAKEN LATER IN THE FIRST ROUND ARENT WORTH IT.
  • Running backs that you'll take in say the 4-5 round will be just as productive. Maybe not exactly there, but it'll be close enough to the point where it's really not worth taking 3 rounds early. Throw in the fact that you can seriously build up your receiving core/QB in the earlier rounds. 
  • And even if you do screw up your running backs like I do, there's always a RB that gets hurt. STAY HOOKED on the waiver wire. Every year theres a Earnest Graham, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Michael Turner. Just follow the waiver wire for your running backs and you'll be fine.
Round by round selection for later picks
  1. Super Star QB
  2. His number 1 option
  3. Another super WR
  4. Another WR or his number 2 option
  5. Running back
  6. Running back
  7. Tight end
  8. D/ST
  9. kicker
  10. 4th WR
  11. 3rd RB
  12. your QB's backup
If you follow my plan on how to draft  fantasy team, I promise you, you'll get out of the cellar and become an imidiate contender. Chances are EVERYONE in your league is reading the magazines that have all these running backs filling up the top 20. You wont be suprising anyone when you  go that route. Everyone's taking it and b/c you're pick is later, everyone ahead of you already got better value. However, if you go with my plan, you become the different team in the league and the team that gains the upper-hand. If you have a top 5 pick, yea, RB is the way to go, but if you're picking later in the draft, GO QB/WR combo. It's fool proof, especially if you draft the backup to him as well and find a roster spot for his second option too.

If you have any questions. E-Mail me at Dantheman17397@yahoo.com
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