Posted on: August 6, 2008 4:07 pm

2/3rds way Play-Off Predictions and Award Winners


MVP: Josh Hamilton. There really isn't any debate. The guy is the best offensive player on arguably the best offensive team. He has a substantial lead in the RBI department, and hits for average too. He set a new single round HR derby record, for what that's worth. He has been the most feared hitter in baseball this year, and his numbers make him the run-away MVP

Cy Young: Francisco Rodriguez. Cliff Lee has had a great year ERA and wins wise. However, he is on a totally irrelevant team. I'm not one to hold that against someone, but in a race as close as him and K-Rod. K-Rod is the best closer in the game now, in my opinion. He's going for Thigpen's single-season saves record, and I think he'll reach it. If he does, it should be a wash for him. If he doesn't I think he'll still win the award.

R.O.Y.: Evan Longoria. There really isn't any competition here. Evan was a member of the AL all-star team. He was in the HR derby. He's a gold glove candidate. Did I mention that this kid has become the face of the franchise, and has been on almost every major television or radio show? His hitting is solid with a 280 average and 22 HR's, with 66 RBI at this point. His glove is even better. He has 6 SB too. Longoria is head and shoulders above any other rookie


MVPRyan Howard. Ryan is leading the Phillies to the lead in one of the toughest divisions in baseball. He does strike-out way too much, but his power numbers are phenomenal. 31 HR's puts him second in the NL, and second in the entire league. 96 RBI's puts him 1st in the NL, and 2nd in the majors. Ryan Howard wins his 2nd MVP in 3 years.

Cy Young: Carlos Zambrano. Carlos is the leader of the Cubs and has been for a while. He has a 2.76 ERA. He's the best player on the best team in the National League. This one was also a close race, just like the AL. Dan Haren is a very, very close second. Zambrano has the edge because he is on the better team.

. Giovanni Soto. Just like the AL, this is a run-away. The Cubs have a good pitching staff which makes his catching abilities a little more shined, but his hitting is what makes this so slanted. He's batting 280, with 17 HR's and 62 RBI's. Those a very solid numbers for anyone, but especially a rookie catcher. Soto, like Longoria has been the head of his class.


AL East: Red Sox - They have a much easier schedule than the Rays and experience will give them a very slight advantage at the end of the year.
AL Central: Twins - The Twins pitching staff is now stronger with Liriano being called up. The hitting is solid, and I believe they have the highest team batting average.
AL West: Angles - They play in a garbage division where the A's have thrown away the season and the Rangers don't have the pitching
AL Wild Card: Rays - They have a tough schedule, but I think they have the talent to hang on.

NL East: Phillies - They have too much hitting, and I think the Marlins will have a SMALL fall-off
NL Central: Cubs - They have too large a lead and too solid of a pitching staff. If Feukodome can get back on track, this team could be the favorites.
NL West: Dodgers - Man-Ram puts them over the edge. I don't like Ramirez, but he's a great player. He seems to be playing a lot harder in LA than in Boston.
NL Wild Card: Brewers - They have a good line-up and arguably the best pitcher in baseball in C.C. Sabathia. If this team makes the play-offs, then they could make the WS. You only need 2, maybe 3 solid pitchers in the play-offs.

Red Sox beat the Twins in 3.
                                                     Rays beat the Red Sox in 6
Rays beat the Angels in 5.
                                                                                                            Rays beat the Cubs in 7
Brewers beat the Phillies in 4
                                                     Cubs beat the Brewers in 5
Cubs beat the Dodgers in 3

A little biased towards the Rays, but whatever.
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