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Posted on: December 18, 2009 4:14 pm

December Madness: College Football Playoff

Alabama's Mark IngramWell, CBS' college football boards have really become a complete joke, and yes, they still are today, but CBS itself and its college football "writers" have actually done something kind of cool that has totally changed my opinion on college football.

I used to be opposed to a playoff outside of a Plus-1 system, but after seeing CBS' tournament and bracket and the buzz that it has somewhat created, I've totally changed my mind. A 32 or 64 team playoff would be so great for the sport.

You have a team like Ohio State that lost to USC early and pulled a one in a million against Purdue which knocked them out of the race. You have a TCU which got screwed by the system. And you just know a team like Utah, or Tennessee, or Oregon State, or CMU, or Navy, or some lower seeded school that is BOUND to make a run and become a team for people to jump behind. In the BCS, you get whichever Mid-Majors that go undefeated and yet screwed out of the Championship Game. You jump behind the little guy, but for what? To cry at the voters?CMU's Dan Lefevour

I've always been opposed to anything bigger than 8, and really would be happy with 4, but I think the potential for upsets, excitement, and all other great aspects associated with college football could be even greater in a playoff. 

Look at this year. TCU's season was essentially over because a ball didn't get caught in the wind for ONE HALF A SECOND LONGER (Texas game) and because a place holder couldn't hold the ball (Cincy game). VaTech's season was over essentially after losing week 1. Same with Oklahoma. 

I mean, the college football regular season kicks the NCAA basketball season in the nuts. I think the playoff would generate more excitement than the basketball one would. Imagine Christmas eve, watching Alabama vs USC in the sweet 16. Or Christmas Day with Virginia Tech traveling up to a blizzard in Columbus. 

Hell, I was getting all excited just reading some of the posts about the games if they were actually happening. 
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