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Posted on: December 18, 2009 4:14 pm

December Madness: College Football Playoff

Alabama's Mark IngramWell, CBS' college football boards have really become a complete joke, and yes, they still are today, but CBS itself and its college football "writers" have actually done something kind of cool that has totally changed my opinion on college football.

I used to be opposed to a playoff outside of a Plus-1 system, but after seeing CBS' tournament and bracket and the buzz that it has somewhat created, I've totally changed my mind. A 32 or 64 team playoff would be so great for the sport.

You have a team like Ohio State that lost to USC early and pulled a one in a million against Purdue which knocked them out of the race. You have a TCU which got screwed by the system. And you just know a team like Utah, or Tennessee, or Oregon State, or CMU, or Navy, or some lower seeded school that is BOUND to make a run and become a team for people to jump behind. In the BCS, you get whichever Mid-Majors that go undefeated and yet screwed out of the Championship Game. You jump behind the little guy, but for what? To cry at the voters?CMU's Dan Lefevour

I've always been opposed to anything bigger than 8, and really would be happy with 4, but I think the potential for upsets, excitement, and all other great aspects associated with college football could be even greater in a playoff. 

Look at this year. TCU's season was essentially over because a ball didn't get caught in the wind for ONE HALF A SECOND LONGER (Texas game) and because a place holder couldn't hold the ball (Cincy game). VaTech's season was over essentially after losing week 1. Same with Oklahoma. 

I mean, the college football regular season kicks the NCAA basketball season in the nuts. I think the playoff would generate more excitement than the basketball one would. Imagine Christmas eve, watching Alabama vs USC in the sweet 16. Or Christmas Day with Virginia Tech traveling up to a blizzard in Columbus. 

Hell, I was getting all excited just reading some of the posts about the games if they were actually happening. 
Posted on: October 31, 2009 10:29 am

Happy Halloween - BURN of the Week 10/31/09

This will be my weekly "wrap-up" on the week that was. I'll usually try and cover a topic from 4 major sports. That includes college. This week, we have NBA, NFL, College Football, and Major League Baseball on the agenda. Let's get started.
  • NBA
There's been a lot of talk about the emergence of Brooke Lopez to challenge Dwight Howard as the best Center in the East. Maybe not this year, but in the future. People say that Lopez' offensive game is much more polished. So polished in fact, that he scored 11 points on 3-8 shooting. Dwight, however, only managed 20 points on 8-11 shooting. Lopez is supposed to be a great rebounder and defender also. So great, he managed as many personal fouls as rebounds: 5 a piece. Howard, on the other hand, managed 22 rebounds w/ only 3 personal fouls.

Let's look at the entire game here
  1. Howard: 20/22/1/4
  2. Lopez: 11/5/1/1
Howard had 9 more points, 17 more rebounds, and 3 more blocks. That's a pretty hefty margin for the top two centers in a conference, don't you think? Howard only had 1 assist, but when Carter went down, the offense only ran well when it ran through him. Lopez was so overmatched, the Nets had to double. Dwight's passing has improved and he made some great reads that got some superb ball movement opening up easy looks for Anderson/Carter, and even himself.

His offensive game has gotten much better as well. He dunked a lot last night, but he has moves now people. He's got soft touch. Against 
Samuel Dalembert and Brooke Lopez, two of the league's best defensive Center's, Dwight is averaging 21 points shooting at a 77% clip. Get ready league, the take-over has just begun.
  • NFL
Unfortunately for me, I'm a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan. I know, there's a good chance that we go 0-16 this year. That would be our second ever winless season. It's heart-breaking and gut-wrenching for the fans. However, what it brought to my attention was the NFL's annual game in London.  After watching this game, I'm not a fan.

Even though the Bucs got destroyed by the Patriots, this game took away a HOME GAME from us Buccaneers fans. That's 100 dollars right down the drain. You have got to love NFL owners, right; especially ones that are 60 million dollars under the cap.

Another issue that I had was that the fans there really just didn't care. There was no real energy in the stadium. It would be like if Manchester United played some premiere league bottom feeder in Dallas' new stadium. Sure, people would watch, but no one would really be into it. It'd be just a flat atmosphere.

Now, I can't blame the NFL for putting a terrible team against a Super Bowl contender in this game considering when the decision was made. Tampa Bay was 9-3 and ranked as the third or fourth best team in the NFL. New England was also having a big year, and was set to return Tom Brady this year. It would be a clash of the titans. The, the Buccaneers blew up their team, and wa-la, you have what happened on Sunday. 

The England game takes too much planning, and as we saw last weekend, too much can happen in that time.
A common out-cry by football purists over the past couple weeks has been "defenses have finally caught up with the spread". That's just not true. They say that Texas Tech, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, the POWERS of the spread are all having down years offensively. Well, that's true, but it's not because "defenses have caught up with the spread". Let's take a look at some of the talent that these teams are missing this year, and we're not even including the offensive line.
  1. Florida - Percy Harvin (starting WR), Louis Murphy (starting WR)
  2. Texas - Quan Cosby (starting WR)
  3. Oklahoma - Joauin Iglesias (starting WR), Jermaine Gresham (starting TE), Sam Bradford (starting QB), Manny Johnson (starting WR)
  4. Texas Tech - Graham Harrell (starting QB), Michael Crabtree (starting WR)
All of these teams have taken heavy hits this year, especially Oklahoma. On that list are FOUR current or future NFL first round picks, and every single one other than Harrell is on an NFL roster. 

Now, look away from your traditional powers. Oklahoma State, who runs the spread, is putting up huge numbers. Auburn, who's converting over to a quazi-spread, has improved numbers. Houston is blowing people's minds right now.

The defenses have NOT caught up to the spread. It's a perfect system. Athletes in space are still athletes in space. The moment the defense tries to adapt and put a bunch of 5'9, 170 pound speedsters in the game, you're going to see a Tim Tebow or some big, powerful running back coming at you. 

The spread has too many options. It spreads you out. Think about paper. When you crumple paper up (i-formation), you can't really do anything so it. When you spread it out (spread), there are so many spots of weakness that you can have your way with it. The moment the NFL (other than New Orleans and New England) realizes that the spread is the future, you'll start to see great college players getting their dues and hopefully the end of these, "mediocre in college but has pro-tools" busts.
  • MLB:
Anyone else cheering for the Phillies just to see New York lose?
Posted on: July 29, 2008 3:06 pm

College Football Top 10

  1. Georgia Bulldogs - They return a lot of starters, including arguably the nation's best back in Knowshon Moreno. This team went on a huge run at the end of the year almost putting themselves in the NCG. Stafford has a gun and should be able to take advantage of teams crowding the box.
  2. USC Trojan - USC always re-loads, and the biggest question mark is the QB. Sanchez got good playing time last year and has the experience. Mich Mustain should give him a run. The defense should be great. Ray Maluga is a great linebacker, and Taylor Mays could be a playmaker at safety.
  3. Florida Gators - They bring back the He15man Trophy winner Tim Tebow. They finally have a runningback in Emanuel Moody, and red-shirt freshman Chris Rainey is electrifying. Percy Harvin, arguably the nation's fastest player returns. And Brandon Spikes leads a defense that needs to improve for the Gators to have a shot.
  4. Ohio State Buckeyes - A team that looks solid on paper, but they've been embarassed the last two years against Florida and LSU. I expect Ohio State to lose to USC, but then to roll through it's conference and have another shot at the NCG. Laurinitas is a solid LB. Beanie Wells is, in my opinion, the best back in the country, and is by far ohio states' best weapon on offense. Does the big 11 really lack speed?
  5. Oklahoma Sooners - I think I have this team ranked a little high. They lost a good amount of talent in the draft, but they have a solid QB in Sam Bradford. The defense should be solid again.
  6. West Virginia Mountaineers - They lose Steve Slaton, but arguably improve with Noel Devine. They lose their fullback, but Devine and Pat White are two of the most athletic players in college football and may have to carry the team this year. If WVU can get over the USF hump, they could be a national title contender.
  7. LSU Tigers - LSU lost a TON of talent in the draft. They have the proper players waiting in the wings. The defensive line may be the best in college football. The biggest question mark for this team is quarterback. No Ryan Periloux. Can Andrew Hatch carry the offense? If he can, LSU will be a big threat.
  8. Mizzouri Tigers - Mizzouri lost some luster in my mind when they failed to beat Oklahoma again, but gained it back with a beatdown of Arkansas. Chase Daniel is a solid QB and a great leader. MAclin has speed and should tear threw most secondaries. Can Mizzorui crack the BCS Bowls this year?
  9. Clemson Tigers - This team is a solid team in probabally the weakest conference. James Davis and C.J. Spiller make up the best 1/2 RB combo in college football. They are both top 5 backs. Clemson should be able to take advantage of a weaker conference and their superior running game.
  10. Auburn Tigers - Auburn is an interesting team. They bring back good talent. But, they bring IN a new offense. Kodi Burns is supposed to be the dual-threat QB to run that offense. Trey Blackmon is the MLB on the defense and if he can live up to the hype, Aubrun will be a very scary team. They also have good running backs with Tate leading the way, but will fumblitis strike again?
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