Posted on: August 13, 2009 10:59 am

Buc's NBA Power Rankings (1-5)

First, I'd like to start out by saying, this list is going to assume that each team stays healthy. Capice? Ok, let's get down to business.
  1. Los Angeles Lakers - LA is the number 1 spot for a couple reasons. ONE being they're the defending champs and until they either A)start losing or B)another team takes off, they are still the best in the land. Reason two being Ron Artest. Now, Artest is not Artest of a few years back. Why? He wasn't even the best defender on his own team last year. Now, then again, it could have to do with being on the same team as the best defender in the NBA, but we'll get to that later. What Artest adds that Ariza didn't is an intensity factor. Ariza has been somewhat known as a brat. Artest also has shown that he can create his own shot, although, once again against LA in the playoffs, he seemed to forget. Either way, he's still better than Ariza......oh yea, you ever hear of Kobe Bryant? Word is he's pretty good.
  2. Boston Celtics - Oh my FREAKING GAWD. Bucfan didn't put Orlando at two? No, no I did not. Boston took Orlando to 7 games last year not healthy. Then again, Orlando was missing their all star point guard which in my opinion is more important than a power forward (bring the hate). Anway, Rajon Rondo showed he can be more than a guy teams can leave open. He's also become a ferocious rebounder and also a cheap shot artist. On to why they're ranked second. KG is not KG of old, but he's still a good player, and a motivated Rasheed Wallace is still deadly. Especially defensively against Dwight Howard. Rasheed may be the best at defending him. However, another year more polished, can Dwight overcome Rasheed? Who knows. Kendrick Perkins is also improving as well. Ray Allen can still shoot and Paul Pierce can still flop. IN all seriousness, Boston is going to be good if they stay healthy.
  3. Orlando Magic - Believe it or not HATERS, the Magic got better. AS a Magic fan, and official board realist, Orlando is the 3rd best team in the league if everyone stays healthy. When the injuries that you know are going to pile up do, Orlando may be the best because of depth. If Matt Barnes or Mickael Pietrus or even J.J. Redick have to start a few games, Orlando will still be in good shape. Why is that? It's because they don't offensively rely on one player. Vince Carter will most likely be option number 1 for the Magic. Rashard Lewis will probably be the second. Dwight 3rd, although me may lead the team in scoring because of garbage buckets. Then Jameer Nelson probably the 4th. And either Matt Barnes or Brandon Bass, depending on if Lewis is at the SF or PF position will of course be option 5. With Orlando's offense, they have 4 all-star caliber players that can hit you. Especially, if Dwight has improved as much as we Magic fans hope he has this off-season. The bench is solid to. Anthony Johnson, although a terrible starter is good off the bench. Already mentioned Mickael Pietrus. Ryan Anderson and the Polish Hammer Marcin Gortat round out the bench.
  4. San Antonio Spurs - First, I'd like to say that I love how the logos tell me how to spell the names of the cities/teams. Very helpful. Ok, on to the cow-boy boot heels. Tim Duncan may be the second best center in the league. He's not a power forward anymore. Please people, get that out of your head. He's still going to give you around 20 and 10 a game. Ole Mr. Reliable right there. Tony Parker is arguably the third best point guard in the league and by the end of the year, may have caught Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Some say he's too much of a score first point guard, but I love the guy!.....and his wife! He's one of the few PGs that can take out a team on his own and put up 40 points. Dangerous, dangerous scorer. Lightning quick. Manu Ginobili is back. That should be a big lift. Although he plays starter minutes, technically, he bolsters the bench. Either way, he's a big-time weapon for the Spurs. Richard Jefferson is a good addition. Any team (other than Orlando of courseWink) that wouldn't take him as their 4th weapon is kidding themselves. He stays healthy and this team is just as good as anyone especially with coach Duncan Popavich. Spurs fans are hoping George Hill plays like early year George Hill and a lot of people are looking at Dejaun Blair as the steal of the draft.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers - Ok, they have the third best player in the league and returning MVP, LeBron James. James is one of the most physically imposing players in the league. He's very gifted, and will only get better one would think. However, unless his jump shot is twice as improved as it was last year, the Cavs will digress. Why? Well, on paper Shaquille O'Neal for a paper napkin looks like a good deal, but for the Cavaliers, it really doesn't help all that much. Why? Because for one, Zydrunas Ilgauskas spread the floor for Lebron to attack and get to the free throw line. Shaq? Well, he can't shoot....at all! He won't be clearing much space. That takes away a big part of Lebron's game and it'll be interesting to see how they progress. Shaq should help Cleveland in Dwight Howard's post up game, but he still struggles in pick and roll defense and another year older, he'll just be worse. Against Boston? They still don't have anyone to guard Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo will have a field day with Mo Williams. On to Williams. The new poster-child for SHUT THE HELL UP. All that needs to be said there. Then on to Delonte West. West is a fiery player that plays more like he's 6'8 instead of the 6'3 he really is. West guards bigger players and usually holds his own. Hell, he's running in for alley-oops as well. How many little guys you see doing that? Not much. He's also a very solid shooter. Really a good player on both ends. Does everything well, nothing great. I'd like to see him get more of the point guard duties for the Cavs.
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