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Posted on: May 26, 2011 9:35 pm

What I want from Orlando's off-season.

Well, last season sucked. Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas still doesn't matter because Lewis got hurt anyway and it's not like he was playing that great anyway. The other trade was so idiotic it wasn't even funny. Carter for Richardson is a wash although Carter fit us better than JRICH did. Turkoglu and Clark for Pietrus and Gortat and a first rounder was beyond stupid. Turkoglu wasn't even worth Chris Duhon.

So here are some moves that I would like to see this off-season assuming there is one. Some of these moves are based on the old CBA, some are rumored to be in the possible new one.
  • Use the amnesty clause on Hedo Turkoglu - Hedo is absolutely done. He's not going to get better. He's a waste of cap space.
  • Try and sign either Greg Oden or David West to the MLE. Both of these guys are coming off of season ending injuries, and Oden is an injury magnet. I think both of these guys would really help us inside. Oden can be a new Gortat, but better when he's healthy, and we can show a look sometimes of him and HOward together and basically make the basket impossible to get to. West can be the post compliment that Dwight needs. We can run dual pick and rolls with Dwight and West, along with pop with West. I really think both of these guys can help us.
  • Try and trade Ryan AndersonDaniel Orton, and J.J. Redick along with all the draft picks we can to Philadelphia to try and get Andre Iguodala and Jodie Meeks. Meeks is worse version of J.J. Redick. That's why I threw him in there just to make the trade not so lop-sided. Iguodala adds a great wing defender along with a top wing facilitator that will help our offense flow better and open up looks for Dwight Howard. Meeks can come off the bench and hit some shots.
  • Try to re-sign Jason Richardson. Do this only if he's cheap and only if he's willing to work his a$$ off to get his legs back.
  • FRANCHISE TAG DWIGHT HOWARD. This probably isn't going to happen because I don't see a franchise tag being put in, but if there is, then this has to happen.
So if all of this could happen, this is what Orlando's roster would look like next year.

PG - Jameer Nelson / Gilbert Arenas / Chris Duhon

SG - Jason Richardson / Jodie Meeks

SF - Andre Iguodala / Quentin Richardson

PF - Brandon Bass / Earl Clark / Draft pick

C - Dwight Howard / Greg Oden 

I know that roster doesn't look all that different from this year, but to me it fixes a lot of issues. Iggy adds defense. You can put him and QRICH on the floor together because Iggy can bring offense. This would be especially helpful against a team like Miami. Oden fills the void off the bench of interior D. Losing Redick will allow Arenas to get more minutes. 
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