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All Eyes On Us official Roster

PG: Penny Hardaway - 4 time NBA All Star, 2 time first team All-NBA, 1 time third team All-NBA, 1st Team All-NBA-Rookies
SG: Julius Erving - 11 time NBA All Star, 1 time NBA MVP, 2 time NBA All-Star Game MVP
SF: Carmelo Anthony - 3 time NBA All-Star, 1 team Second Team All-NBA, 3 time Third Team All-NBA, 1st Team All-NBA-Rookies
PF: Nate Thurmond - 7 Time NBA All-Star, 2 time First Team All-NBA-Defense, 3 time Third Team All-NBA-Defense, 1st Team All-NBA-Rookies
C: Hakeem Olajuwon - 12 Time NBA All-Star, 1 Time MVP, 2 Time Defensive Player of the Year, 2 time Finals MVP, 6 time First Team All-NBA, 2 Time second team All-NBA, 3 time Third Team All-NBA, 5 time First Team All-NBA-Defense, 4 time Second Team All-NBA-Defense, First Team All-NBA-Rookie

BN: Mark Jackson - 1 Time NBA All Star, NBA Rookie of the Year, First Team All-NBA-Rookie
BN: Dan Majerle - 3 Time NBA All Star, 2 Time Second Team All-NBA-Defense
BN: Rashard Lewis - 2 Time NBA All Star
BN: Mark Eaton - 1 Time NBA All Star, 2 Time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, 3 Time First Team All-NBA-Defense, 2 Time Second Team All-NBA-Defense
BN: Manute Bol - 1 Time Second Team All-NBA-Defense.

As you can see, down low we have more defense than probably any team would ever need. We got 4 DPOTY trophies, 10 first team All-NBA-Defense awards, a bunch of second and a bunch of thirds. You ain't scoring on us and you ain't keeping our athletes off the rim and out of the stat sheet. That's why you gotta keep All Eyes On Us
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"All Eyes on Us" ATMD roster.

Round 1: In the first round, we knew we wanted to get a big man to anchor the middle. With Wilt, Shaq, and Kareem all gone, the next logical choice was the 7'0 freak athlete from the Houston Rockets, Hakeem Olajuwon. The dream was a defensive power house along with accumulating arguably the best offensive arsenal the game has ever seen. The "Dream shake" will be on full display.

Round 2: In a deceptive trade with MM, we were able to swap picks in rounds 2-5. I get the better pick in the earlier, more important rounds. With the first pick in the second round, we took another athlete, LeBron James. We now have two guys to run the offense through. One on the perimeter and one in the post. We think having two guys that can play off of each other and take pressure off of each other is important.

Round 3: Here we took power forward, Walt Bellamy. At 6'11, Bells was an offensive force while he stayed interested in the league. He was athletic and had a good skill set. He was lethal on the boards pulling down 19 at his best, and was also a tremendous shot blocker. It's said that had blocks been kept as a statistic, Bells would have averaged around 4-5 a game. With our top choice off the board, it was an easy pick to select another guy we could feed in the post along with a great rebounder and very good help defender.

Round 4: Here we changed things up a little bit. We wanted to go get a guy that could spread the floor and work more off of the other players than have to create his own shot. However, this man could certainly do that too. Ray Allen got the nod as our 3 point marksman and 4th pick. Ray was a decent defender at his peak along with his dead-eye shooting. When we feed the bigs or have the King create, it's nice having a guy like Ray to be a kick out.

Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:

Round 8:

Round 9:

Round 10:

PG - 
SG - Ray Allen
SF - Lebron James
PF - Walt Bellamy
C - Hakeem Olajuwon

BN - 
BN - 
BN - 
BN - 
BN -
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